Programme Overview

Our programme is designed to help you achieve sustainable growth and build your leadership ability, ensuring you are moving forward whether you are a start-up or a small business owner.

Most individuals we work with have already commenced trading, and are willing to commit the time and resources to develop their business, enhance their business plans and achieve growth. The programme is open to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.
Mentorship allows businesses to go through a review of their current performance status and identify what may be holding them back. The programme aims to help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve improvements in any of the following areas:

  • Planning and Strategic Direction; business planning, growth strategy, financial planning, taxes, skills planning, apprenticeships, staff management and development
  • Marketing and Sales; market research, new products/markets, developing a marketing strategy/plan, campaign planning, customer acquisition, communications – branding, website and social media, customer relationship management and digital
  • Finance; business financial viability, raising finance, forecasting, bids and tenders, financial policies

Key offer includes:
• Workshop series
• Individual workshops
• 1-2-1 coaching
How does 1-2-1 coaching work?
You will be assigned a professional business adviser/coach to work with you 1-2-1 on a specific aspect of your business. Coaching is available as a package of three separate sessions, each lasting up to two hours. Prices are:
1. New business (under 2 years) – £125
2. Established business (2 years+) – £250.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Located in Hillingdon borough
  • New Business start-ups who are ready to trade within a month
  • Businesses already trading with an understanding of their market and customer base
  • SMEs with less than 20 employees

Key Benefits

Create a robust and rigorous business plan
Set clear strategic direction
Improve leadership, management and business skills
Improve profitability achieve growth
Understand the key drivers in your sector
Opportunities to make business connections and networks.

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What’s Included?
Group and One-to-One mentoring is offered to businesses that are keen to develop their business further and have specific growth challenges, from lack of expertise or the need to find the right direction. The programme offers a minimum of 3 one-to-one sessions, allowing business owners and entrepreneurs to develop and work towards a clear plan to increase their growth potential.

Mentoring may be in a specific area, where the business lacks expertise or strategy mentoring to look at the overall business. Mentoring is offered in the following areas:

  1. General – Strategic
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales and Business Development
  4. Finance Intelligence
  5. Operations
  6. Planning and Growth
Hillingdon Small Business Support (HSBS) offers networking opportunities throughout the year for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Networking events at HSBS are designed to bring together like minded entrepreneurs and business owners, generally with industry experts in order to enhance their experience of the event.

HSBS runs a range of seminars and courses to help small business owners and entrepreneurs develop skills required to enhance their ability to manage and run their business more effectively, with the following objectives:

  • Improve operational efficiency of entrepreneurs and owners
  • Enhance marketing skills
  • Enhance financial management and control
  • Build softs skills
  • Strengthen planning and strategic direction
  • Develop strong leadership

Most of our courses and seminars focus on developing hands on skills, allowing SME owners and entrepreneurs to take back the knowledge to deliver better in their businesses.  We partner with professional organisations and trainers in order to deliver these sessions, therefore ensuring current thinking and skills are transferred.

HSBS works with its members to deliver tailored support that meets the needs of each business, from helping with web development to social media marketing, business planning and preparing for fund raising. The programme aims to ensure entrepreneurs and business owners can get to the next level in their journey, enhance their revenue or expand their business operations.

Where support is not available within the programme our advisors and relationship manager foster relationships with other organisations to deliver solutions at a cost more affordable to your start-up/SME.


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